Born about a half an hour west of Boston, Massachusetts, in the city of Marlborough to French-Canadian parents, Steve Allain was raised on country music and Elvis Presley records. Although he didn't play an instrument when he was growing up, other than the dreaded recorder in the fifth grade, he spent days daydreaming of playing music in a band. When Steve was nine, his family returned to New Brunswick, Canada. Family get togethers with uncles, aunts, and cousins gave him his first experiences with live music. Although many relatives played instruments, it would be nine more years before Steve bought his first guitar. By this time, he had been exposed to Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Pink Floyd and The Beatles.

In the years to follow, Steve spent most of his free time immersed in music. Listening to everything that he could get his hands on and playing guitar sparked an interest in writing and performing music. He eventually graduated from The Musicians institute in Hollywood, California, and later received a Bachelor's Degree in music from Webster University (St Louis, MO) and a Master's degree in music from The Cleveland Institute of Music (Cleveland, OH). These years really helped to shape the musician/composer/songwriter that he has become. Not limited to playing in rock bands and jazz quartets, Steve also composed for and played in classical and experimental ensembles. This melting pot of styles has and continues to shape his musical approach.

Not one to be pigeonholed, Steve had returned to songwriting armed with years of experience and diversity creating a smart and unique blend of music that is widely varied, yet highly accessible to a broad audience. His full length album "thirteen", released in May 2011, received much attention. Here are some things that were said about Steve and the album:
"Allain's album thirteen is a well-crafted recording that cuts across acoustic blues, country, and folk genres. He has earned the respect of many notable peers." (Chris Conti - Providence Phoenix), "Steve Allain creates vibrant acoustic sounds and vocals and plunges into matters of the heart with courage and sincerity on this CD thirteen." (Bill Copland Music News), "Thirteen contains 12 original Allain comps featuring Steve's soulful vocals and skilled finger picking on guitar. Lots of good stuff etched into the shiny silver CD." (John Fuzek - Motif Magazine) "A highlight of Steve Allain's impressive country folk is his incredible guitar playing. Great finger-picked runs and gently plucked chords and patterns underscore a stark simplicity in many of his songs; he makes it look easy but it most assuredly is not." (Eric Smith - Providence Monthly).

Not only has Steve been praised for his excellent musicianship and soulful voice he has also been nominated for numerous awards. He is a must see live. Steve Allain is currently living in Providence, Rhode Island and playing as a solo artist as well as in Cardboard Ox ( a duo with established singer-songwriter Tracie Potochnik